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Thoughts from Sunday's Game

  • How is it that Khalil can look utterly pathetic trying to throw his bat head at a breaking ball and then still get thrown fastballs that he shoots into the gaps?
  • I know it was 97 degrees at game time in Cincinnati but I'm not sure if I've ever seen a game where Mike Cameron isn't completely drenched and dripping in his own sweat.  It could be a cool 70 degrees with a breeze in San Diego and Cameron would still be dumping buckets.
  • Was it necessary for Cameron to take out the Reds' catcher David Ross or was that just payback for putting a concussion on our catcher Barrett?
  • What's Giles on?  If he really only hits this well in the NL Central shouldn't we trade him to one of those teams for like half their roster?
  • I like that Reds' mascot. He's like a mix between Mario and a baseball. My two favorite things.
  • On Channel 704 HD the sound levels are really screwed up on away games. Is it just me? Sometimes the announcers are really quiet and the crowd noise is unbelievably loud. Then they get around to fixing that and the bumper music going into commercial rocks you out even louder. Who's in charge? Is it you Quis?! Regardless I'm blaming you.
  • Are the Reds still officially named the Red Stockings? If not they should be. Why are baseball teams so fascinated with socks? When are jock straps going to get some love?
  • I like Arroyo's leg kick. With that hair and the leg kick he could be a Rockette.
  • Why doesn't anybody ever mention that Peavy waddles when he walks? Is it because he's such a great pitcher? When you can pitch like that do others cut you slack on the way you walk? If a fairy gave you a wish that you could magically become an All-Star pitcher but you had to walk like a duck for the rest of your life, would you do it? I would, I wonder if that's how Peavy ended up the way he did.