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Fox Sports Blogger picks up the Pad Squad

Fox Sports Blog "Screwballs":

I was just emailed this link to an old blog post from early in July. The blogger is FOX Sports Broadcast Associate Bryan Biederman. I'm not sure who that is, but apparently his blog focuses on going to different ballparks and picking up girls. No not like you think, well maybe that way too, probably like that, but also literally picking up girls... off the ground.

I guess every blog needs a niche and he seems to have found his. I'm not sure how this started or how he convinces women to let him pick them up. Most people over the age of 3 don't like to be picked up. Women no matter how petite are not comfortable being picked up because their weight is an issue. What if the guy can't pick them up? He's physically not strong enough or let's out huge moan? Plus who let's a random person touch them at all? I guess that's where the Fox Sports press pass comes in. Chicks will do anything for the press pass.

So this dude makes it to San Diego and meets the "Pod [sic] Squad". He picks one of them up and gets some photos. I don't recognize either of these squadders which means one of two things. Either these are imposters or there is an evil version of the Pad Squad, let's call them the Pod Squad, they balance out all the good that the real Pad Squad does. Well I guess there is a third option but it is much less fun, maybe I've just never seen these two.

Fox Sports Blogger can have this niche, we here at Gaslamp Ball aren't very strong and have bad backs. Maybe they could pick us up or carry us to our seat or something, that'd be alright.