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Padres playing inconsistent baseball

I didn't see the game today on account it wasn't on the picture box, but I heard some of it on Marconi's miracle machine.  I reckon, I saw pictures that them fellers were painting with their words along with the usual colors and so forth.

I saw that Germano youngster tossing the old biscuit and he mostly missed the bats and hit the glove.  He surrendered one earned run in a little over 5 innings.

That tanned muscular feller hit two humdingers this afternoon and made it five on the year.  Other than those two players, there wasn't much worth paying attention to.

That snake team over in 'Zona has won 16 out of their last 19.  Friars' hopes for the playoffs drippin' away like a leaky faucet.  It's not gonna happen today or tomorrow but sooner or later we're gonna lose this thing unless we fix the leak.

Coach Kentera says the team has an OBP of .311 and a batting average of .244. The team is so bad offensively it's making Coach talk about Sean Burroughs. Time to make the pitchers work and have smart at bats.