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Open Thread: 8/1, Padres vs. D-Backs

I have high hopes for tonight, because David Wells doesn't seem like the type that would give a flying #$%^ if his teammate buddies had their feelings hurt.  

Hopefully the rest of the Padres have consoled each other enough, changed their diapers and wiped the tears out of their eyes.  It's time to play some ball.

Clay Hensley was on the Mighty XX BP Show and says that he is getting the start for CY on Saturday.  Finally no more speculation, we can see what he can do.  He was talking about how he took the big leagues for granted and it was a shock for him to be back in Portland and made it clear that he does not want to go back.  If he pitches well he won't have to.

Go Padres!  Experience it!!!

Update [2007-8-1 21:37:10 by jbox]:

Also, Stauffer and Thatcher were optioned to AAA.