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Live Bloggin KT on Mighty XX

  • Trying to strenghten bench and our bullpen
  • Not much talent out there
  • No guarantees that Ensberg, Hairston, etc. are the answer
  • What area on the team has been exposed as needing help? Padres thought it was our bench.
  • Rob Mackowiak was excited about coming to SD when talking to KT on the phone, but sad he had to leave Chicago
  • Heathcliff Slocumb was the only Padre that didn't like San Diego.
  • They see Wilfredo Ledezma as a possible starter later in the season but they compare him to Linebrink
  • There will be two moves today to get the new players on the roster.
  • Players are upset when their friends are dropped, but players are also upset when the front office doesn't make moves to improve. Players are always unhappy
  • Two pitchers will be optioned to AAA.