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Do the Padres have to be the best team right now?

Coming off of a win, this is probably a good time to post this...

Jbox and I were reading over some of our posts from 2005 when the Padres actually did suck and it wasn't an exaggeration. Remember that year? 82-80 and we won the NL West. Not counting Miracle May, we had a .447 win percentage. Bruce Bochy was actively wasting away his best players in his effort to leave Xavier Nady on the bench and to give Ryan Klesko and Phil Nevin as many high horses, soap boxes and grandstands as possible so that they could continually critique our brand new ballpark. Even our high points were low points: Brian Giles leading the team in all kinds of categories while Jason Bay turned into a bona fide superstar for Pittsburgh.

Believe me, a very very tiny part of us wishes that the team actually did suck like that right now just because it seems like we were much funnier back then. As it is now, every time we get pumped up about a few losses in a row, we're snapped back to the reality of having a pitching staff with 2 Cy Young contenders, a perfect gamer, a 4-time Cy Young award winner, a hall of fame closer and one of the best bullpens in the league.

Jbox and I specialize in self-effacing, pity-us-for-being-so-ugly humor. We're not so much into the, "Please try and pity us for having the best team in baseball" type of humor. We're ugly ducklings by nature. The best comedians are kind of awkward looking. That's why Dane Cook sucks. That's why Joe Rogan hasn't hit the really big time. They're too pretty.

So, now that we're currently happy with a win and we're just past halfway, let's look at the situation. If we were to end right now, the NL postseasoners would be Padres, Mets, Brewers, Dodgers. Our current records against those teams:
Dodger: 7-5
Brewers: 3-0
Mets: 0-0

We are currently 10-5 against our most likely opponents in the post season. Granted, that may not mean a whole lot as we were 12-8 against our post-season opponents in 2005, but still. To say that we can't possibly advance late into the post season is ridiculous.

There's a reason that people say that pitching and defense wins championships. Imagine what other teams are having to face if they see us in the post season. A short series where you need 3 wins out of 5 games against the Padres. We start with Jake and follow with Chris Young and depending on the situation we have David Wells or Greg Maddux following up. Whoever doesn't start ends up as a relief pitcher alongside Geronimo and tops off our bullpen. That's just sick. Having to win 3 out of 5 games when the other team gets to go with some combination of that?

So, on your Sunday, regardless of how the game plays out today, just know that it's hardly time to push the panic button. It's a tough thing to win the World Series. Not everybody does it even when they have the best team over the course of a season and if you go into it thinking that you're the favorite, then you're potentially setting yourself for a hard fall.