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Open Thread: 7/7/7, Padres vs. Braves

The game is on Fox today.  It's the game of the week, which puts crafty veteran David Wells against the young and vivacious rookie something Reyes.  Reyes is making his major league debut.  

What's Bud Black have to say about all of this?

"The Major League debut is one of my favorite things," Black said. "From a hitter's standpoint, from a manager's standpoint, I love the Major League debut. I think that's a special time that a player will never forget."
"I don't know much about Jo-Jo Reyes," Black said. "I know our guys are going to watch video."

Bud Black knows his first name so he knows more than me.

Jon and Kev are coming over and we're gonna watch the game and get some In-n-out, because after all that's what a hamburger is all about.

Let's try to be less critical of the Padres today. Perhaps even cut down on the cussing, unless totally necessary.  Yes their offense is frustrating at times, yes our pitching isn't perfect and yes we are the best team in the MLB.  Let's do this!