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Barry Bonds doesn't cheat, but he's surrounded by people who are good at bending rules

Larry Brown, who writes about the Padres on AOL Fanhouse, breaks this news... You know Barry Bonds and all those people who voted for him for the All-Star Game? Turns out they might've been enhancing that performance a little bit:

[Giants Fan created] an online program that supposedly allowed Giants fans to vote online for Bonds 25 times in about 30 seconds. And with the use of the F5 refresh key, code users could potentially vote online for Bonds 3600 times in an hour.
Three thoughts:
  1. What a sneaky thing for Giants Fan to do, especially considering they're getting a dirtbag in.

  2. Why didn't we implement something like this?

  3. The photo of Bonds that Larry picked out is terrific.
Also, check out Larry Brown's own blog to compliment your daily regimen of sports information.