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Nobody has seen the new Tony Gwynn statue

but we do get to see a silhouette of the statue and it looks a little gimpy.  Tony is concerned and I can't say I blame him.  We've all seen the Russian Nesting Dolls, the bobbleheads and the action figures.

"I've done bobbleheads and I saw how those turned out," Gwynn said. "I was apprehensive at the beginning because I have yet to see a bobblehead that looks like me."

It's based on some photos that the artist was given, this was the closest match I could find.

"I said, "This (photograph) is the one that best describes what people are going to remember.' So I'm hoping that's what I see."

I've always thought that Gwynn in his batting stance, before he started his swing, was the most iconic.  

I really hope Gwynn ends up liking it when they unveil it on the 21st.  Otherwise that is going to be a real awkward ceremony.