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Random Thoughts

  • Tony is the great communicator.  His speech was beautiful, it flowed so easily, it was just a conversation.  I don't know if I've ever heard a sports figure so comfortable with himself and with the public.  The way he talked about his speech leading up to today, it sounded like he was going to read a list of people to thank.  Instead, he told the story of his career and managed to drop the names in so you didn't even realize everyone he mentioned.  It was very entertaining and I figure if you let him he could have talked most of the day and the audience may not even notice how long he had gone on.  
  • I've listened to Tony's speech about 3 times now and there is one part I don't understand. Why did hitting balls with a fungo bat convince him that he could hit in the big leagues? He was talking about his surprise that he could hit a ball so far, but he's using a fungo bat. What am I missing?
  • Get well soon, Tony Gwynn's Mom.
  • I still haven't gotten the urge to watch Cal Ripken's speech. He did a magic trick with a flower? Maybe I won't watch it.
  • That game yesterday was gross. It was like eating candy for dinner. You think it'll be good, but just makes you feel sick.
  • Tony looked sharp. I usually don't like his double breasted suits, with the vest and extra long coat. Yesterday he looked slick and I liked the fact that his suit was brown and his tie was yellow, and to think he used to hate those uniforms.
  • I have about 7 hours of Gwynn related stuff recorded on my DVR. ESPN Classic replayed the entire 3000 hit game in Montreal. Gwynn gets the hit in the first 2 minutes, but trying to watch a game in Montreal is unbearable.
  • Why don't more Major League players wear their teams cap when they aren't playing? Does it feel too much like work?