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Pujols hangs out at Chuck E. Cheese

When you go to your local St. Louis Chuck E. Cheese and you see a Bentley out in the parking lot, it can mean only one thing. Albert Pujols is in a slump and he needs to break that slump at a place where a kid can be a kid.

Unfortunately for Pujols there were other baseball players there. A full Little League party and you're not going to believe this but they wanted autographs! Can you imagine? These kids wanted Pujols to stop playing Super Shot for a few minutes and sign for them. Well, I can tell you that Pujols doesn't stop playing Super Shot for any one and he denied all of them, as he should. Now, if he was playing skee ball that would be different, but here's the thing, Albert Pujols doesn't play skee ball! Albert Pujols plays Super Shot and nobody interrupts his game of Super Shot!

The only thing that's going to take Pujols away from his beloved game of Super Shot is greasy cheese pizza. Well, greasy cheese pizza and the ticket counter where he can buy fake snot, a yo-yo or an eraser cap for his pencil for 5000 tickets, but seriously that's it.

In conclusion, don't ask for a posed picture or an autograph when Pujols is busy. How will you know when he's busy? Well if he's at Chuck E. Cheese then he's busy, is that easy enough for you to remember? Now beat it!

Thanks to theNerdHater for the pics