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Deep thoughts with little analysis about the Padres recent moves

I think the bullpen is the perfect spot for Clay Hensley's personality. Not that I know Clay Hensley, but from what I can gather via rumors and speculation, he seems like the kind of guy who loves to say, "I told you so" and "Here, just let me do it". In other words, when he starts a project on his own he kinda has trouble with it, but if somebody's started something pretty good and is showing signs of not being able to finish, Clay seems like the kind of guy who'd be more than willing to put in a minimal amount of work to top the thing off and take credit for it. He's like the guy who closes a sale after the customer's already settled on a car and is trying to decide what color floor mats he wants. Send Clay in there. He'll get that customer to decide on floormats.

I hope Scott Linebrink finds his form soon for the Brewers. He wasn't necessarily the primary source of the Padres woes post All-Star Break, but he had the most spectacular flame outs and when you're the nail that stands the tallest, the hammer's gonna come down the hardest on you. I can't wait to see the three minor leaguers we got. I bet they all have beards and are right handers who throw junk.

I thought Gaslamp Ball was entirely too mean to Scotty considering the type of person that he is and the type of person he isn't. He isn't a guy that ever blamed those around him for his troubles. He isn't a guy who would always come up "sore". He isn't a guy who would hide injuries and pretend to be OK just to get playing time. He's just a guy who was finding that his stuff wasn't his stuff any more, but was still more than willing to get out there and play hard. Maybe it's just me getting ready to be a dad for the first time, but when you're disappointed in somebody, and they're trying their best and not acting like a jerk about it, you don't start calling them names and throwing them under the bus. This isn't a Wiki Gonzalez situation. This isn't a Matt Clement situation. This isn't a Ruben Rivera or a Phil Nevin or a Sean Burroughs. This was one of the more class guys we've had on the club. We hear a lot of things about players' personal lives. Some of it we write about and some we don't, but we've never heard anything about Scott Linebrink ever been less than a good guy. Now go clean your room and think about what you've done. You're not getting dessert for a week.

I think if you're not sold on Milton Bradley, you better do a little more research on your own. I almost think that if you were to take 3 random ABs and 3 random defensive plays, you'd see how great he's been so far. Even on plays that weren't a complete success, he hasn't looked confused at the plate and he's gone all out. No domestic abuse issues to speak of. No clubhouse blowouts. We did it! And by "we", I mean Kevin Towers.

It might be a quantity thing, but I don't think these "rookie" mistakes that Bud Black has been making as a manager are nearly as bad as the mistakes that Bruce Bochy would've been making as a 12 year vet. I bet Bochy's mistakes would've been even worse considering the fact that we don't have any left handers in the bullpen. Bochy would've burnt out the one left hander one game, and the next thing you know, David Wells is coming in for relief on his rest days just because Bruce Bochy wouldn't know what to do with himself.