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Lil' Hensley back with the Big Boys

First it was the blister, then the groin and then, finally, the biceps tendinitis.

Blisters are painful.  Groins are painful.  But combine the two and you've got something really painful.

"This year, it just got progressively worse," Hensley said of the biceps tendinitis that even made putting on a shirt painful.

"Yeah so I figured why even put on a shirt?  I mean, I've been working on my abs a lot, so why not show them off.  The birds really seem to dig the body, and I get it, I've seen myself in the mirror."

I don't want to talk about any of the numbers; it was what it was," said Hensley, who was 2-6 with a 6.90 ERA for Portland.

The numbers suck.

Padres:  1-3, 7.62 ERA
Beavers:  2-6, 6.90 ERA