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Open Thread: 7/24, Padres vs. Rockies

Update [2007-7-24 20:40:0 by Dex]: Gaslamp Baller kev (the third admin here for those of you not in the know) and his wife just called and told us that they had their baby! Little girl. The name isn't quite there yet. Mom and baby are doing good. 7 pounds, somethin' or the other ounces. For those of you who don't know, Jess and I are expecting our first in September. A boy. Kev has often talked about the fact that if he were to have a girl and we were to have a boy, that he'd want them to fall in love and get married and have supergenius Padre fan babies. I personally think it's his way of telling me that he's always been gay for me.


I think I'm on a totally different page then most of you. I'm not feeling negative at all about the Pads. Sure we haven't been playing well, but why kick players while they are down? I like ripping on players as much as the next guy, but this group is just too likable for me.

It was fun to needle Klesko, Nevin and other lazy no good players, but I don't really see anybody like that on this team. The guy I probably get frustrated with the most is Cameron and his defense. Sometimes he really seems to be lacking the effort. Besides that I'll get upset with hitters now and then when they swing wildly and don't seem to be consistent with their approach.

Maybe I've just found my pace here at mid-season. I don't get too up for wins and don't get too down for losses. I haven't quite hit the zen-ness of Khalil, but I'm just enjoying watching the games, even if we don't win every one. In past seasons, especially 2005, I hated that team. I couldn't stand seeing those bunch of sucktards. I'm no where close to that with the current roster.

We got this game in the bag tonight so I don't think anybody needs to worry about this losing streak.

Jon sent Part 2 of his Cat Trilogy. I told him about three times that I have no idea what is going on in this movie.


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