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If this was one of you guys, it's really taking things too far

Adrian Gonzalez has received death threats!? Why would anybody be so angry at a guy like A-Go? Is this Jonny Dub's doing? Jonny Dub, this is really despicable, even for you!

His father, David Gonzalez, was majority owner of the Tijuana Potros professional baseball team and recently had a falling out with other partners, dissolving the partnership and selling the club, the police report said.
I remember when I used to go to TJ and people would try to sell me watered down tequila and bottles of beer that had been opened and laced with date rape drug. I thought that was dangerous, but it's nothing compared to death threats. Granted, a few people tried to kidnap me and sell me into slavery, doing IT work and making web pages while under close guard and with a latex suit on. This was in my younger days, when a pretty little thing like myself might fetch a good amount of money on the black market.

P.S. Isn't it weird how Barry Bonds is no longer the most controversial sports guy right now? What would he need to do to get back up there? I'm guessing a federal indictment isn't enough. They need to somehow pin black market baby smuggling on him before he passes up the Real Ron Mexico and the NBA.