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Pictures from Tony Gwynn's Statue Night

Good night, everything was perfect.  Ted Leitner was tan and pompous, Moores' was looking a bit scrubby and Tony Gwynn was humble and emotional.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I really like the statue and most of all I'm happy that Tony likes the statue.  Still when I think of Gwynn I think of him in his batting stance with the bat still on his shoulder.  There are certain angles where something clicks and I really see the resemblance to Gwynn and then there are times I'm not so sure.  I think when you get closer it's easier to see past the monochrome and to see his features.  I'm not being critical it's just that when a statue is so lifelike sometimes your eye just searches for flaws.  When I got close enough to see his face, I really was impressed but I don't think this photo does the statue justice.  He looks a little constipated in my photo.

Security had to pull a guy off the statue who was trying to give Gwynn a cup check. He was posing holding imaginary testicles between Gwynn's legs. I just missed getting a good picture of him. Security pulled him off too quick.

Jane Mitchell's biggest fan was in attendance.  He let out a quiet high pitched scream when he thought he saw some Channel 4 talent up in a nearby building.  He quickly took his binoculars out and scoured the area.

Jon and I gave High Fives to Tony Gwynn as he left the Park in the Park.  Everybody was ignoring Chris Gwynn, so I called out to him and did that clap he did after scoring the go ahead double in '96, I may have scared him a little bit.  Jon later got another picture with Randy Jones.  I don't think Randy Jones likes shaking hands with fans, he may be worried about germs.  He'll insist on giving you knuckles, if you extend your hand.  Jon and I were looking pretty scrubby though.