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Nevin Roid Rage, Again

I know we're all sick of talking about Phil Nevin, and hearing him co-host shows on XX sports radio in San Diego.  I've got a couple of stories that will definitely reinforce the idea that Nevin is a lot like contracting herpes... it will never go away no matter what you do and will flare up on you when you least expect it.

On the Saturday before the Padres game vs Atlanta on ESPN, XX sports radio (Darren Smith, Randy Jones & Phil Nevin) had Peter Gammons on the show.  Nevin asked Gammons about the Padres taking a risk by bringing on Milton Bradley, and how it might affect the team's chemistry.  It was an interesting discussion with Gammons, and he had nothing but the nicest things to say about Bradley (I stand corrected on my previous perception of MB).  He said despite his past blow-ups, Bradley's misunderstood, and he was the most compassionate player while Gammons was recovering from his life-threatening brain aneurysm by always writing him to see how he was doing.  Then Gammons went on to say, "besides, you don't want your team to be vanilla and without drama, right Phil?"  Nevin laughed it off, but I enjoyed hearing Gammons imply that Phil's a prick.

I just heard the other day that Nevin's anger management took a turn for the worse at a Poway National Little League (PNLL) 9-10 year-olds All-star game.

My Local News:

PNLL assistant coach and former San Diego Padre Phil Nevin was ejected from the game in the first inning for arguing with the home-plate umpire.

 I heard that someone called into XX sports radio claiming that Nevin was dropping tons of F-bombs to the ump at the top of his voice in front of these kids and their families.   This guy is a class act.

Editor's Note: Due to the response of some readers, we apologize for the picture we previously posted. However, we should all be ashamed of an individual that uses profanity to the worst degree in front of children. This is allegedly what Mr. Nevin did, and for that, we say "Shame on you Phil."