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Gwynn makes it onto a Wheaties box!

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Gwynn made it onto the a Wheaties box, 25 years to the day of his major league debut.

Gwynn is also taking on the Fit to Win Challenge.  So far he's lost 15.3 lbs in 10 weeks.

Chrissy Russo interviewed him yesterday for a piece on the Padres Pregame Show. Gwynn said he loved the picture that they chose for the box. He said "Look, my helmet is so shiny, the uniform is so clean, my look so focused... my helmet so shiny".

Tony tells USA Today about his weight gain:

"People have been saying I'm fat all of my career," says Gwynn, who says he weighed about 225 pounds at the end of his career and added 50 pounds upon retiring. "I'm losing weight now, but people are never going to look at me and say, 'Oh, he looks great.'

Gwynn sure does look great now. I'm so amped about Tony making it into the Hall.

Update [2007-7-20 12:17:41 by jbox]:

Gwynn is also on the cover of a commemorative issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. I know that these are going to be kind of hard to find. I can tell you that the best place to get one is the San Diego State University Bookstore. Shhh, that's just between you and me.