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Padres and the Urban Academy

I think it's great that the Padres are involving themselves in this project, though I'm sure it's in no small part due to the fact that Dave Winfield's on the board of directors and he's actively trying to get every black child in America to play baseball again. And for those of you who think that "Urban" Academy doesn't mean "get more black kids to play baseball", then you need to take off the rose colored contacts.

Still, I find this quote from Bud Black a little curious:

Being here in person outweighed the vision of what I saw in my mind. My visions were surpassed. It's a great facility. The fields are kept up.
Ummm... Not "My visions were surpassed. . . Lots of state of the art equipment for the kids," or "My visions were surpassed. . . . The instructors could all easily be college or even pro coaches," or even "My visions were surpassed. . . . They have really good equipment." But "My visions were surpassed. . . . The fields were kept up."

At least we know they won't be playing in a lot full of broken glass and used condoms, but I would've hoped that Buddy's "vision" wouldn't be surpassed by that fact.