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What would you do with Bonds' record setting home run ball?

So Barry Bonds just hit his 752nd and 753rd home runs.  

This guy Dave Davidson (so should we just call you Dave then?) was able to get his hand on one of the balls out in the streets beyond Wrigley.  He said he had already gotten an offer of $5000 for it.  He turned the guy down saying that he would think about it for $25,000.  Does he realize that this ball is practically worthless once Bonds hits #754?  It may be worth a couple hundred bucks tops.  I would have sold the ball right there on the spot.  I think Dave thinks it's 1998 when home run records were thought to mean something.  Balls aren't being bought for a million dollars anymore.

So what would you do with the #756 ball, if you caught it?  I've been thinking about this for a long time.  I'd bust out a Sharpie and write "Bonds is a cheater!" and then draw a little picture of him with needle in his butt on the back.  Then I would donate the ball to the Hall of Fame.

What would you do?