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#38 Linebrink St is coming off the market

Well, we tried. We bought the fixer-upper. We slapped a new coat of paint on the thing. Patched up the roof. Put a fancy chandelier in the foyer. Heck... Just by referring to the space behind the front door as the foyer probably increased its value by $50k.

We even marketed it pretty good. Got Better Homes and Gardens to do that feature. The Dwell Magazine cover was a friggin' coup. It's not like people didn't know that #38 was out there.

But whenever somebody would drop by to actually buy the place, it seemed like something crazy would happen. The toilet would blow up. Sewage would seep up from the carpets. Asbestos would fall from the ceiling.

So this is why I propose that we take #38 off the market and just cut our losses. I wouldn't even tear down and try to rebuild at this point. We'd probably end up just digging up corpses from the Native-American burial ground in the backyard. Let's just recognize that the place is cursed, the road is snowed in, and there's nobody coming till the Spring.