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Remember when Pad Squadders used to be like this? shares a story about a run in with a Pad Squadder back during the 2002 1998 season:

The author starts by describing the Pad Squad and how many "hot chicks" there were on the squad, but there was one in particular that caught his eye.

The last few years there have not been any cute girls among them, but when they first started 4 or 5 years ago, there were several cuties.  Chief among them was a gorgeous woman with very long black hair.  She looked a bit like the Disney Pocahontas cartoon character, actually.  I don't think she was Indian, but she had a dark complexion and was truly beautiful. Picture Pocahontas in tight shorts with hair past her waist.  She'd often put it into two long braids, pig tail style, with sparkly lip gloss, and men would just groan as she pranced past.

So far so good, sounds like a nice girl by all accounts...

She was a bitch though, stuck up and uncommunicative.

Okay, scratch that...

 The few times I said something to her in passing she'd just ignore me completely. I assume that's a natural outgrowth of being really hot and able to get away with anything, and also working in such a public job, where every man is trying to hit on you.  I never was trying to hit on her though (at least when I saw how pointless it would be).  I'd just say "Hi." or make a quick joke as I passed, and she'd look away or scowl, ignoring me entirely.  The rest of the Pad Squad types would always laugh or reply, but she was too good for that.

Anyway, near the end of the year she was dancing between innings to whatever stupid music they were playing, and yes, she could dance.  Lots of the side shimmering hand movement stuff, pirouettes to show off her slim figure and send her hair flying out decoratively, etc.  But hot, stripper style gyrations as well.

I was nearby during one routine and couldn't help but look on appreciatively, as were the other 1000 men in visual range.  As she finished to applause and was doing her fake clapping and yelling of the "Let's go team" type, I walked past on my selling route. She looked over and saw me coming and looked away.  I had been on the verge of saying, "Nice dance." or something like that, since it was, but her usual, "Fuck off and die." look annoyed me.  So as I passed her I said, "The last time I saw dancing like that I had to pay a cover charge, baby."

She turned quickly and audibly hissed at me, while still keeping that fake smile pasted to her face.  I was greatly amused though, and it kept a (real) smile on my face for the rest of the night.

The author goes on to talk about how she probably married some rich guy, etc.

We actually know a thing or two and can tell you the rumor is that she was actually dating Ruben Rivera at the time, he was seen sneaking her into bars. Everybody knows that Pad Squadders can't fraternize with the players, but we at Gaslamp Ball also know that rules don't apply to the Pad Squad.

Isn't it weird how photos from 1998 look like 1989?