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A post so that last night's loss post wouldn't be the top post

That game last night was a bummer. What did I learn from it? I learned that I will never criticize Mike Cameron or Brian Giles on defense again. I learned that we really need to be careful what we wish for. I will no longer wish for somebody to break out of a slump or for certain players to come through. I will only wish for wins. I could care less if everybody on the team was batting .200 and all our pitchers had ERAs over 6.00 as long as we win.

I don't care if every other team steals bases on us at will. I don't care if Peavy ever strikes out 10 again. I don't care if our hitters become the laughingstock of the league. I don't care about any of it. As long as we win.

That being said. The Giants hate the Dodgers, right? I say we start trading for San Francisco Giants. They're almost done. Maybe they'll want to stick it to the Dodgers. Let's make a move now for Dave Roberts. He's a top candidate for Supersub (along with Loretta). Put him in to pinch run. Have him rest the outfield. How much cash are they willing to send over if we make a move for Zito? Let's get Uncle Barry into sand and sky. I'd love to have Zito pitching in Petco (at the right price). He needs a change of scenery.

Either way. Let's get a win tonight. I don't even care if it's a boring game as long as we win. I don't care if nobody on the team is clutch or anything. Just win it.