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Tony Gwynn on Rome is Burning

I'm gonna liveblog this sucker. I got my eye on you, Rome!

  • Tony's doing good. Wearing a white hat. Sick

  • Tony cried when they told him he was a HoFer. Real men do cry. Real men do cry.

  • Tony's a little worried about how hot it's gonna be. He's also gonna speak from the heart, but he's afraid that he's gonna cry a lot. Real men do cry?

  • Rome: "Chick's dig the long ball"

  • Ted Williams told Tony to be more aggressive. Tony Gwynn was all like, "Whatever, dude. Who are you to talk?"

  • Tony's mentioned twice that Ted Williams picked his teeth with Tony's bat. I don't know what that means. I wish I knew more about baseball.

  • Tony thinks Mark McGwire should be a Hall of Famer. See? That just proves that Tony isn't perfect. Little imperfections.

  • Tony Gwynn's charity of choice is to end blood clots. Weird.

  • Tony giving shout outs. Ryan Klesko, strangely enough, is not mentioned.

  • Rickey Henderson is one of the best teammates ever.
And that's it! Hmmmm...