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What I learned from last night

I think my favorite part of last night's game, besides winning it, was watching the way that Milton Bradley runs the bases. I know that there was some concern that there might be attitude problems there, but just from what I've seen on the field, he puts it out there, man. He is sick with it. Left field. Problem solved.

Barrett playing catcher has also been impressive. For a "weak arm" guy, he's not afraid to send one over to try to pick off a would be base thief. I can't imagine what either of these guys could do to stir up a clubhouse. I try and think of crazy situations or personalities that wouldn't actually appreciate people with hustle, but I come up short.

I think last night also solidified for me the idea that I'd really like somebody waiting in the wings for starts aka another starter. Not that Wells isn't great. It's just that I think he needs Petco Park and plenty of rest to be effective. You look at the numbers, and he's two different pitchers at home and on the road. I also don't trust Bud Black to pull the plug quick enough on him. The game he got tossed out of? The one where he gave up 3 earned and a home run in 3 innings? I bet Black would've let him go 6 in that game. Last night was much more manageable, but I would absolutely not allow him to start any postseason games on the road, even if it means starting him in game 2 of a series.

So what about Maddux? Why not have him be the starter in our short rotation? Well, Maddux suffers from the same fate that Wells does except e's a little better on the road, and a little worse at home.

What about Germano? Ah... See now that's an interesting one. A straight look at the stats and Geronimo is awesome on the road and merely adequate at home. But really, do we want to trust Justin in a postseason start over Wells or Maddux? Probably not, unless he pulls off some ridiculous shiz over the stretch run.

Therefore, my wishlist to get us deep into the postseason:
Need to have: One supersub.
Like to have: A starting pitcher to ensure that Maddux and Wells never start a game away from Petco again.
Sure why not: A new second baseman. Sorry, Marcus.

The moral of the story: Last night is what happens when things go right, but we know what happens when things go wrong.