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San Diego Padres moving into the second half

When you live in Charlotte, going to the beach means taking a trip. Now I'm back and refreshed and catching up on how we've returned from the All-Star Break. Second place in the standings. Tied in the loss column. First in our hearts.

In my humble opinion...

First thing, this news that KT is going to go after more pitching is fine with me. I was never that worried that Germano wouldn't be able to find his form again. I don't think he'll be Ace material, but he'll be solid Number Three. What's been eating at me is the fact that 2007 is not the same as 1997 and Maddux and Wells are definitely playing to 2007 form as opposed to 1997 form. I don't think the new "fifth" starter that KT is going after will be replacing Germano. Instead, as I told Larry Brown over at FanHouse, I think another starter will essentially complete a 6-man rotation. Wells and Maddux (and possibly Peavy) will all skip a start here or there due to "soreness" or Wells will take a couple weeks off and during that time, we'll see this 6th man make semi-regular starts. If he manages to prove himself, he'll get more regular starts and Wells will rest up for postseason or stretch run play.

I don't think that the Padres will get another bat and I don't think that they need it. At this point, I think we're going to have to gamble on the bats coming alive at the right moment. With Milton Bradley at left and a Barrett/Bard platoon behind the plate, there's no position that I'm keen on replacing. Get Cameron an eye doctor and we're good to go in center. Marcus could use some 2 inch heels maybe.

If anything, we need to pick a guy up who can be super consistent in a pinch hitting situation like a Mark Sweeney or John Vander Wal type. Guys like that are super valuable when you lean on pitching like the Padres do and I don't think Cheo or Blum are gonna live up to it. Actually... Strike that... Blum probably will live up to it. If there's such a thing as Superclutch, then Blum is it. You have a runner in scoring position and we're down? That's not enough for Geoff Blum. Blummer needs to be in extra innings with the World Series on the line, and in those situations he bats .734 with a 2.231 slugging percentage.

Also, it's not much our thing, but jbox and I provided more projections as well as a review of the first half. We're probably completely wrong, but heck. It's what we do.