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News and Notes

  • UT:  Towers: Deal for a big bat unlikely
    Saying it's "doubtful" that he'll trade for a big bat, Padres General Manager Kevin Towers reiterated yesterday that he is more likely to trade for a starting pitcher and a bench player over the next several weeks, if he makes a trade.

    This doesn't surprise me at all.  The "big bat" is a myth.  Let's focus on our pitching strength and try to fill in offensively where we can.  Pick-ups like Barrett and Bradley will pay dividends this season.

  • We've been hearing for the last few days that Jake Peavy is having some pain in his bicep.   At first he was still supposed to make his regular start, but now he is postponing his return until Tuesday. It really seems that the Padres are downplaying the injury, but I'm worried.  I say from now on we don't let Peavy pitch in anymore exhibition games.  
    "It was nothing more than a way to get a few extra days of rest when we can," Peavy said. "My biceps was a little achy going into that (All-Star) start. A few extra days will be beneficial for me through September and hopefully October. You're just taking advantage of the way it falls. Hopefully I'll pitch on four days' rest from here on out."
  • Clay Hensley has a 6.9 ERA in Portland after another bad start tonight.  KT is looking to get him a cortisone shot for tendinitis in his bicep.  Sounds very similar to Peavy's injury.  Hensley is done, I don't think there is any chance that we see him in the Big Leagues this season.  Maybe he can turn himself around in the off season, but I expect to see him brought up in trade rumors.
  • Coach Kentera guarantees that we are going to see Frank Menechino in the Padres line up this season.  He plays middle infield and has been hitting in the .370's in Portland.
  • More rumors about the Padres being interested in Mark Loretta. The Padres should take at Houston's AAA second basemen Brooks Conrad. He's also Dex's brother in law.