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Open Thread: 7/15, Padres vs. D-Backs

Germano vs. Webb.  It seems to be a mismatch in favor of the D-Backs, but that all depends on which Germano shows up.  

I'll have to go back and look at the stats the last few years, but it seems that the Padres always get a slow start out of the All Star Break.  You always hope that the guys are going to be rested and turn in great performances.  In this case the Padres have played pretty well but the efforts haven't translated into wins like you'd expect.  


Today, Geoff Blum likely will be at second base and Russell Branyan will be at third. Matchups are part of the equation, but Black said his primary reason is to "keep them as current as possible."

I don't like how Black uses reserves all on one day.  It always seems to be Sunday day games too.  How about "keeping the knives" sharp by using them throughout the week?  I would also recommend that we don't rest all of our starters when we are playing within the division to teams that threaten our chance of winning.  Last time is was the Dodgers and today it's the D-Backs.

Here is a topic of discussion before the game starts:  Should Chris Young been left in to polish a few more innings of perfect ball?  

Go Padres!  Experience Blum!