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Open Thread: 7/13, Friars vs. Snakes

I'll put this up early because Dex and I probably won't be around at game time. I'm so glad baseball is back.

Greg Maddux (7-6, 4.19 ERA) vs. Doug Davis (5-10, 4.26 ERA).  

Padres have a sick record of 49-38 and heading into the second half of the season and they're the team to beat.  Our pitching has carried the team all season and Kevin Towers is looking for another fifth starter.  Pitching is cheaper than hitting at this point, so why not grab another pitcher, especially with Kevin's talent of finding good young pitching.  Hopefully a long rest for some of the slumping bats will bring them to life and we'll see some more offense coming out of the break. I'm personally excited to see more of Milton Bradley in our line up.

Jon made an Open Thread movie of his cats.  He called me giddy with excitement.  He says he already has ideas for the second and third movies in the trilogy.  He says that the last movie in the trilogy is going to answer all the questions you might have about his cats.  Ugh.  I didn't realize we even had any questions about his dumb cats.  Plus, how do you make a trilogy out of a movie that has no plot in the first place? Jon's like some sorta weird stage mom with his cats.

Go Padres! Experience it!