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"My favorite team? The NL All-Star team"

I was talking to this guy just now.  He has a friend who is just a general baseball super fan.  He doesn't root for any team.  He just buys the MLB package and just watches random games.

I thought this was really bizarre. I don't think I've ever heard of somebody like this.  Who doesn't have a favorite team?  How can that be fun?  I asked him where he was from, thinking he must have come from some city that doesn't have a team.  Maybe he had moved around a lot growing up and never put his roots down with an organization.  Nope, he's from Los Angeles.  Now it makes sense.  You're from LA, and your only option is to be a Dodger fan or a general baseball fan.  I think I would make the same choice.  

This got me wondering.  I wonder if someone is only a fan of the NL All-Star team.  It's the only team they follow.  They only wear All-Star jerseys and hats.  People might be rooting for Prince Fielder and the guy is like "Oh he's on my favorite team too, we picked him up for our #6 hitter".  His whole year is focused on filling out All-Star ballots and scouting his team by watching other games.  Maybe he only watches one game a year.  Does this person watch the voting like it's the draft?  

It just makes me laugh to think of what a weird person it would be that would be a fan of an All-Star team.  I might be weird enough, but it's too bad I already have a team.