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Home Run Derby is boring

There isn't anything fun about the Home Run Derby.  It's so long and so dull.  Especially the end when everybody is really tired and they keep flying out or taking pitches to rest.

I think they should have the baseball version of the NFL's Quarterback challenge.  They should break up different baseball skills and put the baseball players through the drills.

Here's my suggestion for how it would work:

  1.  You get 10 pitches from a batting machine.  Hit as many home runs as you can.  
  2.  The second part is hitting the ball into targets on the field.  I'm biting this idea off the Nintendo Wii baseball game.  First 10 pitches you have to hit to right field, second 10 to center, third 10 to right field.  More points for hitting the middle section of the target.  Like this:

  1.  Ten more pitches and you have to bunt into a target on the ground.  Just like those drills in little league.  Closest to the bullseye gets the five dollar bill that rests in the center.
  2.  Pop fly pay off.  All the players stand in the same spot and a ball is launched a good distance away.  Points for how many balls they come up with.
  3.  Speed.  Time them for an inside the park home run.  Start line is the edge of the batters box, have them circle the bases and the finish is home plate.
Let's make this happen!

Update [2007-7-10 13:51:18 by jbox]:
Maybe they need a throwing drill too. Toss a ball from the outfield at a target at home plate?

Update [2007-7-10 15:1:45 by jbox]:
Oh dang! I just got a good idea. Dunk tank... Bud Selig! Yes!