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Random Stuff

  • The San Diego Chicken visited the ballpark last Friday.  If you didn't get your chicken fix, get it here.
  • You should watch these:  Planet Unicorn 1, Planet Unicorn 2, Planet Unicorn 3 and how could I forget Planet Unicorn 4.  I think my favorite is Planet Unicorn 2 when they tell that troll that he is ugly and they don't like his shoes.
  • Buster Olney Q&A with Kevin Cameron:  K-Cam broke his arm as a young adolescent, the alignment of his arm and hand were forever altered.  But his mutation soon gave him the supernatural power to throw a fastball with weird movement.
  • Greg Maddux gives Peavy advice:  
    "He told me if I didn't start, don't go," Peavy joked. "Greg has definitely talked about it to me and told me how big of an honor it was and how much he enjoyed it and looked back on them and smiled."