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Kult of Khalil

Several have pointed out Khalil's latest interview. While some describe Khalil as a robot and some describe him as a Vulcan, I think there is probably a greater wisdom that most are ignoring... A zenlike calm that comes when you realize truly what he speaks. Let's see what we can find...

On a person's image:

"How someone views me has more to do with them than me, or anyone. Like the man standing at the rail. I see one dimension of him. But I really don't know. You can only be who you are. Forming opinions of someone, anyone, off a small sample is not healthy or unifying."
Man... That's some wise shiz, yo. Lemme find another one.

On frustration:
"Frustration comes out easier. But how I feel on the inside doesn't need to be manifested. And there's not a necessity to read too much into that. I just try not to show ups and downs."
Steady as she blows. I feel you, Khalil. I feel you. OK let's find another one.

On being emotionless:
"I try to be devoid of ego as much as possible. It gets away from who you really are. I haven't changed much over the years, but my surroundings have changed a lot. Where there wasn't an audience, there is now an audience."
What exactly is the sound of one hand clapping as a tree falls in the forest... if none of us have ears? I'm telling you right now, Phil Jackson doesn't have anything on our short stop.

If I were in San Diego, I would start the Kult of Khalil. I'd wear a blonde wig and dress in flowing sky and sand colored linens. I would sneak a tambourine into the ballpark and whenever Khalil made a great play or clutch hit, I'd jingle-jangle up and down the stands. If he did something that was decidedly un-clutch, I would meditate and not question why, while sipping kool-aid.