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Open Thread: 6/9 Padres vs. Mariners

I hate the American League.  The designated hitter rule, the lack of strategy, the pompous fans, the lazy pitchers and the Mariners, ugh it makes me physically ill. The Mariners should just forfeit this series and save us all a lot of time.  

Seriously, I can't believe we lower ourselves by playing a Little League team like this.  It's like George Clooney dumpster diving with Britney Spears.  It's disgusting and nobody wants to see it.

On that note...

I'm headed off to the game tonight.  We're sitting in Section 322 row 27.  I don't know how long we'll be sitting there though, probably try to go hang out with a few other friends who are seated elsewhere.

Wells is pitching tonight with his  3-3 record and 4.79 ERA.  He's facing Weaver who is 0-6 with a 14.32 ERA.  See what I mean about the pitching?