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  • Tony Gwynn has lost 7.4 lbs in the past 5 weeks.  His secret?  Eating a ton of Wheaties and doing a little bit of exercise. Nothing against Gwynn, but he is making some real slow progress. In those weight loss TV shows they lose 7 lbs in a week. Gwynn's probably a lot busier though and it must be hard to do cardio with busted knees.
  • We saw Jane Mitchell at the game last night.  She was walking by and I'm like "Jane!" and she turned and I waved.  We have great chemistry.
  • I've got an idea for Petco's Park in the Park.  Two words:  Petting Zoo.  Baby goats, sheep, rabbits and as a friend suggested: mini-horses.  You could also have the sheep graze in the outfield during the day and you could lay off a lot of those ground crew guys.  Think of the fragrant aroma too, it'd really set us apart.  I'm not saying we have to make any decisions today, just think about it.
  • Speaking of the grounds crew, we were talking about Dancing Grounds Crew Guy last night.  Have you noticed that he uses a plastic grass rake and they don't trust him enough to even touch the infield dirt with his rake.  He always fakes like  he's raking but the rake doesn't get within a few inches of the ground.  The rest of the grounds crew must not have any respect for him because they also make him turn his rake over so that the tines face upward.  It's a bit ridiculous if you ask me.
  • Another foul ball was hit our way last night.  I'm not real interested in getting a ball, but nobody was around so I figured I'd grab it.  Jon's yelling "it's all yours jbox!" and then at the last second he sticks his hand down and it jumps off his wrist and almost hits ball girl in the face and flies out on the field.  I'm staying in my seat from now on.