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Friday Morning

That was an intense series anyway you look at it.  I'm proud of our boys for staying composed and making that dramatic comeback in the 9th.  Who would think that we'd keep a rally alive with McAnulty's speed and Branyan's ability to take pitches.

When Adrian Gonzalez hit that ball into the gap last night with the bases loaded, I felt like some one electrocuted me.  I spazzed out as I jumped off my couch with excitement.

Thankfully the Rally Unicorn can return to his stable for awhile.  After receiving the death threats from Jonny Dub last night, I think it's best that he only make appearances on the rare occasion when he is truly needed.  I questioned whether I should release him from his stable three games in a row, but he proved the doubters wrong.  Rest mighty steed, your work here is done.

Lookout Landing is having a get together tonight and Sunday in the Gaslamp.  If you want to toss back a few with our hated rivals and tell them about our plans to kidnap Ichiro, then drop by tonight.

If need some reading material check out the Friday Links over at Ducksnorts and the Link Diary by Winfields Ghost.

Update [2007-6-8 13:21:54 by jbox]:

Gaslamp Baller ABY made a little special delivery to her local Bartender who happens to be a Dodger Fan last night:

Update [2007-6-8 14:21:58 by jbox]: Don't forget that Jake Peavy and Cla Meredith will be at Collin's Family Jewelers in Mira Mesa Mall tomorrow. Chris Young will be at UTC tomorrow. Anybody know the times and places?

Update [2007-6-8 16:31:54 by jbox]: Since Dex loves graphs:

Fan Graphs