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Open Thread: 6/7, Padres vs. Dodgers

Let's open up the game thread early again today.  We've already won the series, but we're not going to be happy until the Dodgers have been swept another game out of first place.

Peavy 7-1, (1.68) vs. Kuo 0-1 (7.71).  Don't let the numbers fool you, anything can happen when these two teams square off, the Dodgers will not make it easy on us tonight.

While we wait for the game to start, check out the Draft Day Diary, that will hopefully keep everybody up to date.  My interest in professional baseball starts and ends with the Major Leagues.  I just can't get into the Minors that much, but I'm glad somebody is looking out for our future, and that it's not me.  Also Gaslamp Baller Winfield's Ghost continues to impress with his Link Diary that has links to all the hot stories from today.

You know what's nice about Padres fans?  They are creative.  Sure they could buy a jersey like other fans, but no, they would rather take the time and make their own.  Grab an old undershirt and a sharpie and support their favorite player.  That's just how we roll.

Oh and one more thing...