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Ball Girl too good for her own good

I always kind of figured that the Ball Girl would grab any ball that was out of reach of the fans.  I didn't know that she would make heroic diving catches to stop fans from getting near a foul ball.

A hard line drive flies into the stand on one hop.  Jonny Dub is in position to make a spectacular bare handed play.  Jon is the one in the white Padres Jersey.

Ball girl flies off of her stool and makes a back handed catch inches before it lands in Jonny's hands. Gank!

Jon is in disbelief, he's stunned.  Jon's chance at fame and fortune are denied.  The Ball Girl runs her hand through her flowing blonde hair and smiles at the crowd.

The fans are visibly disappointed.  "We want in on some action.  You get everything on the field and we take care of the balls in the stands, we thought that was the agreement."

A father two rows back forces his kid out of his seat to make a plea for the ball.  The kid resists with all that he has.  In the end the child gets the ball, embarrassed and humiliated.

Jon smiles, flashes his pearly whites at the ball girl and lets her know that he's an even bigger catch, but she'll need a bigger glove.

If there is any doubt that Jon will go after a foul ball, then watch this!