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Where were you when Trevor got to 500?

I'll tell you where I was at. I was in the sports bar at the Marriott World Center Resort in Orlando. I think that's what it's called. I spent the first two innings trying to get the manager to look in my direction to change the channel to the Padres game. The place was packed because of the NACDA conference going on right now, which incidentally, I'm totally king of.

I finally got him to switch one of the TVs to the game, but unfortunately there was no place to sit and I was alone so I started stealing time at people's tables. As they would get up and leave, servers would come by and be like, "Are your friends coming back?" And I'd be like, "Tonight, Trevor could get to 500 saves." And they'd be like, "You'll have to get up now, sir."

Now, I don't know if it was the the fact that I hadn't had an alcoholic beverage since December or the fact that I've always been a lightweight or even the fact that I was very excited about the way the game was progressing, but let me tell you... I was pumped. Somewhere during that second Corona last night, I was felling pretty confident about Trevor's chances. I started clapping wildly at my tablemates and making sounds like, "WOOT!" At one point, I was making very inappropriate drink and food requests ("You heard me... For my third Corona, I want the whole f_ckin' lime in the bottle... And I want french fries, but don't cut up the f_ckin' potato. Just throw that sucker in the oil and hand it to me on a paper plate.")

By the end of the evening, the bar was mostly clearing out and the servers quit trying to make me get up from the tables I was joining and I was able to enjoy Trevor's 500th in peace. I'm not normally one to enjoy a milestone just because of round numbers (nobody had gotten to 499 saves till last night either), but seeing how proud Trevor was and how he was crying made me feel really proud. Trevor's such a good guy. We never hear anything bad about him like we do so many other guys and if 500 is going to be something that's he'll hang on his mantle and take pride in, then I'll be proud of him too.

Now, if you'll excuse me... I need to get back to being king of this place.