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Trevor Hoffman: 500 saves!

It was guys night out at the ballpark last night.  Kev, Jonny Dub, Andy (Dex's cousin in law) and I headed out to the ballpark to see a little bit of history.

We stopped off to get some food and then I saw Steve Quis one of the Channel 4 guys.  We make quick eye contact and I give a little point like "Hey look everybody it's Steve Quis".  He looks away real quick and pretends to be in a conversation with the guy next to him.  You just made my list... Quis!

It was an exciting game to be sure.  Geoff Blum is a monster!  He finished the game with 4 RBI's and has proven again that he's the best short stop in the game.  All hail Geoff Blum.

As the game entered the 8th inning, we didn't know if we should root for more runs.  There were two Padres on base and we wanted to see Trevor, but also wanted the win.  It turns out that we would get both.

The crowd erupted when the scoreboards went blank then caught fire as Trevor jogged out of the bullpen.  Everybody was on their feet and cheering.  Security tightened down to ensure that no Dodger fans wouldn't  ruin the festivities.

Jon watched the game wearing his Arvesen jersey.  Long story short, Jon bought this used jersey at the Friar Fest and a friend of Arvesen's contacted Jon through Gaslamp Ball  to see if she could get it for Arvesen.  Jon decided to get a few more wears out of it before handing it over to it's rightful owner.  The entire game we were telling him not to spill any BBQ Sauce or other food on it.  He kept saying that Arvesen wouldn't mind and that it would add character.  Fortunately nothing was spilled.

Trevor spotted a fastball on the outside corner of the plate and became the first pitcher ever to record 500 saves in his career.  The crowd went wild and fireworks were shot off. The team hoisted Trevor upon their shoulders and carried him off the field.

Steve Quis interviewed Trevor on the scoreboard and he thanked the fans and started to tear up a little bit.  They showed highlights of his career on the scoreboard and when we turned around again all the players had already left the field.

We walked out of the park and saw Chainsaw from the Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw radio show.  We shook his hand and he kept saying "History, baby!"  Nice guy, nicer than Steve Quis to be sure.

On the way out they had tables where you could have your game ticket stamped with an ink 500 commemorating the day.

Gaslamp Ball salutes you Trevor Hoffman.