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Adam Dunn for Clay Hensley

Ken Rosenthal mentions Clay Hensley as possible trade bait for Cincinnati's Adam Dunn.

The emergence of right-hander Justin Germano theoretically could make righty Clay Hensley available, but the Padres will need to be careful -- they've got two 40-somethings in their rotation, righty Greg Maddux and lefty David Wells, plus oft-injured righty Jake Peavy.

Here's the thing we've got to trade something of value to get something of value.  The Reds need pitching and we need an outfielder that can hit for power.  Sure it's a risk, but it's a risk trying to win a division without a power bat.  We may not even need Clay. You can either have Clay playing in the minors, spot starting and throwing out of the bullpen or you can have Adam Dunn in your line up everyday.  If at some point Hensley is brought back up to the Padres bullpen who's to say that Buddy Black would ever even use him.  It could be weeks before he even gets to pitch.  

We've got pitching talent coming out of our collective asses and we are in desperate need of someone who can hit. With Dunn in the line up not every body would have to get hot at the same time to get the offense rolling. Think of the pitches Adrian Gonzalez would see if he had someone protecting him in the lineup.  What would our line up look like?

M. Giles
B. Giles (Cruz)

The upside of Dunn is that he has a lot of power and wouldn't have too much trouble hitting balls out of Petco.  Adding a power bat to our lineup would make it lethal.  The downside is that he'd also have to play outfield in Petco and there is a lot of ground to cover out there.  Remember Sledge hasn't been winning any gold gloves in left field either.  Dunn also strikes out a ton, his yearly strike out totals are higher than some guys batting averages.  He would also become a free agent at the end of the year.

Like I said it's a risk, I think I would make the move if the deal was for Hensley.  I'd pass on the deal if it was for Cla Meredith.  Cla is a big part of the world's greatest bullpen and if we pull him out it could be like Jenga.