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The Baseball Bunch

Do you remember the Baseball Bunch? Some of you weren't born then and I'll be honest with you when I say that I have very very vague memories of the show. Everything on Saturday mornings blends together for me now. I remember sitting in front of the TV early enough to see the national anthem get played. I remember thinking how much better the Snorks were than the Smurfs. I remember something about a baseball bunch. I wish I had been paying more attention then for the sake of Gaslamp Ball today.

The premise was simple. Johnny Bench would teach a bunch of kids baseball principles and the San Diego Chicken would roll in and do something crazy. Why don't they have shows like this any more?

For those of you who remember it, here's a podcast interview with three of the original Baseball Bunch and Ted Giannoulas, the San Diego Chicken. It kinda makes you wonder what happened to our nation's culture that shows like this aren't around. Seriously. Bud Selig's always trying random crap to get people to watch games when what he really needs to do is get the Baseball Bunch on the case. Problem solved.

For those of you too young to remember, or who need a refresher:

What fundamental principle of baseball they're trying to demonstrate by peeling potatoes is beyond me. Stay till the end though to see a potato cup check... Something every aspiring big leaguer needs to know about. Wear your cups!

P.S. Check out the interview. Apparently, everybody loves Cal Ripken and Tug McGraw, but Pete Rose is a prick to little kids. How could you not love the Baseball Bunch?

Thanks to Eric from Just My Show for the link!