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Open Thread, 6/29: Padres vs Dodgers

Chris Young goes for us today against Hong-Chih Kuo. We haven't seen much of Kuo, which makes for a perfect time to get creative with the lineup. In other words... Gilly-Gilly lineup tonight, boys and girls! Yes!

Also, to put some of your minds at ease, apparently the A's are putting up $1,360,929 to cover some of the $2 million that Bradley's owed. I'm thinking more and more that this is a deal. I hope Milton proves me right.

Here's why I like Milton Bradley. We know Dodger Fan likes to throw crap. We know Milton Bradley hates it when crap gets thrown at him. Basically, we're paying $700k for the opportunity to see Milton Bradley beat down some Dodger Fans, which is always a good time. I sooo heart this acquisition.