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Padres Outfield by Milton Bradley

Thanks to Gaslamp Baller osidepadre for bringing this to our attention.

SignOnSanDiego: Padres acquire outfielder Milton Bradley:

Bradley, a Los Angeles native, attended Long Beach Poly, the same high school that produced Tony Gwynn.

Good enough for me. As long as he has some connection to Tony, then we cool.

Update [2007-6-28 23:46:8 by jbox]:

Here's some discussion on Bradley over at Athletics Nation, if you're interested:

Update [2007-6-29 6:59:51 by Dex]: from the comments: As I said somewhere else in the comments. Bradley hit two of the absolute biggest bombs I've ever seen in Petco Park so his big plus for me is that he has the potential to be a Petco Power Hitter. The other two guys that stick out in my mind for having absolute bombs at Petco are Khalil Greene and Miguel Cabrera. We know the differences in consistency between those two. I'm guessing Bradley will lean towards the Khalil side of things, but we all love Khalil so I can live with that.

Big minus is playing time. Will he be able to stick it out? With the types of platoons that we've been running, it might not be that big of an issue as he's an improvement over Sledge if he gets Sledge-like playing time. I also trust his defense more. It would be nice to actually see some outfield assists and I think Bradley might be able to deliver that.

Biggest Meh for me: "Not a clubhouse guy". Is he actively being investigated for steroids? Did he threaten to kill his baby mama? Is he making it rain in strip clubs? Did he try to steal a teammate's glove to sell on eBay?

If the answer is no, then I'm sure he'll play nice with the rest of the clubhouse. If he doesn't play nice, then we have enough veterans (and a guy he knows in DePodesta telling him how it is) to make sure he plays professional.

Good acquisition pending review.

Update [2007-6-29 15:39:54 by Dex]: Drama points out that it's now official: We get Milton Bradley and cash while the A's get Andrew Brown. Cash is good, but I kinda like gift cards because then you don't feel guilty about buying video games with the money.