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On who wins the West

Kruk has changed his mind. He no longer thinks the Dodgers will win the West, but rather the San Diego Padres. He even goes so far as to say that, right now, the Padres have the five best starting pitchers in the division. Does he mean best rotation? The way that he said it he seems to imply that we currently have five aces all of whom are better than every other ace in the NL West. Five aces of course is the best hand in poker, but doesn't help the fact that we all know that the Padres actually suck.

I went to bed early last night so I didn't see the outcome till just now, but that was a terrible effort by Khalil to lose the game in the 11th. If he falls on that ball it prevents the run from scoring and we get another shot. It barely even looked like he jogged to it. It looked like he was playing in, but if it completely kills his response time, then I don't know if it was the best move. If playing in is going to keep him from going all out on a ball then leave him at the grass. He has a strong enough arm that I'd rather he stop the ball and take the chance on a slightly longer throw than to have him completely bail if it's not hit right to him.

However, now that Kruk has given us his blessing, I'm pretty sure that means we've seen the best that the Padres have to offer. No postseason for us!

So, how do we fix the team for next year? Our bullpen is built on smoke and mirrors. Half of our starting rotation will qualify for discounts on coffee and museums sometime this year. We have no offense to speak of.

My offered solution: Firesale.

If we get rid of Peavy now, for the contract that we have him signed to, we can easily acquire 4-5 hot prospects to get ready for a run in 2010. We'd still have Chris Young and Geronimo to hold us over so that we're not completely embarrassed in our down years.

I'm telling you. Firesale. It's our only hope to salvage this pitiful display.