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Open Thread, 6/25: Padres vs Giants

Yesterday's matchup was good. Tonight's is good too. For the good guys, Justin Geronimo Germano. For the bad guys, Tim Lincecum, who was the Giants first round draft pick last season and who murdered the Pacific Coast League in what little time he spent there. Geronimo of course has turned out to not be anybody's slouch. Tonight we also see Marcus' return to second base and Branyan has apparently earned another start in left.

Playing against the Giants, I'm again reminded of Rod Beck who passed away over the weekend. We commented on it in the comments, but I just wanted to say that the season where he filled in for Trevor was awesome and I'm glad for the chance to have seen him pitch. Even though, outside of the Padres, he pitched mostly for teams that I would normally root against, he always came across as very likable and quirky, which is always awesome for a ballplayer. He died too young.

...Which isn't to say that I don't want the Padres to absolutely ruin the Giants tonight. We have some makin' up to do after our unlucky series against the BoSox.



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