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Why Does Boston Hate Us So Much?

I woke up this morning and I'm relieved to say that the incessant ringing of "Let's go RedSox!" is finally gone.  

As Jbox mentioned, I was at the game yesterday with my Dad, and we were fortunate enough to sit in front of a die hard RedSox fan who flew in that morning to see the game. I kid you not, after the first pitch of the game the guy yells "Let's go RedSox" and my Dad turns and says "Oh no way! We're not doing that all day!"  Dude says "Oh yes we are!"  Turns out he was an okay guy, really knowledgeable on baseball, and not too obnoxious.  But I digress.

Yesterday was brutal on so many levels.  Our ace got rocked, our hitting was inconsistent as usual, and the Padres' 10th man was no where to be seen or heard.  Seriously, WTF?!  Going in to the bottom of the 9th as the RedSox took the field, RS Nation completely owned Petco.  It was ridiculous.  It started bringing back memories of the Chargers loss to the Pats earlier this year.  

There was some consolation in all of this.  We gave it to Big Papi good, and not the other way around.  In the series, he was 1 for 11, 1 hit, 1 RBI, and 5 SOs.  I was unimpressed with Ortiz, and most of Boston's team offensively.   They managed to take the series on our home turf, and owned Petco Park and SD for a weekend.  I'm just glad they're taking their sun-burned arses home to Boston.