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Pictures from Sunday's Game

Jon and I headed out to the game today and met Kev at the seats.  As we were walking in we see about 20 or 30 little pink flyers on the ground.  They all had the exact same drawing and I told Jon to get a picture.  Jon seemed reluctant but did it anyway.  We took a few more steps and got hit by the stench of human poo.  We saw a little alcove that homeless people cook up their stink cakes.  I told Jon to get a picture these logs that were the length and width of your forearm but he refused.  That was the final straw for him.  I can't help but wonder who put these flyers on the ground.  Are they supposed to warn us?  Warn the homeless people?  Make us laugh?  

Apparently Jon didn't have a problem taking a picture of Manny though.  I'm not really sure what the difference is to be honest.

We had real nice seats at field level and Khalil and Branyan collided right in front of us.  The collision came with a loud sickening thud.  Khalil was stoic, quiet and didn't seem to experience any emotion which was true to his form.  Branyan made a nice play.  I was standing right behind him and saw him throw the ball towards third base where there was no one to receive the ball.  I shrieked in a high pitched voice, "Nooo Russell Branyan what are you doing!?"

Who knows where Kooz went, maybe he was grabbing a taco.  Suddenly out of no where Peavy dives toward third base and blocks the ball and almost catches it.  It would have been an awesome play.  It was a gutsy move by both Branyan and Peavy and a thrilling display of athleticism.

Later the Pad Squad rolled out and we talked to Pad Squad Vanessa.  She looked at the crowd of Red Sox fans shook her head and wondered if these people cheering had even been to Boston.  The Pad Squad grabbed their gear and took the field.  They've got a t-shirt cannon that looks like an over sized baseball bat.  The way they swing that bazooka around, I'm so scared of getting a point blank shot to the head.  That's not how I want to go out.  I always dreamed I'd go out with shot to the head from a fluffy pillow at a Pad Squad pajama party.  

We thought we had seen the last of him, but Foul Ball Guy was sitting next to us today.  As if he wasn't a big enough prick, he also was wearing a Red Sox jersey.  Jon asked him what that was all about. He said, "I'm a Red Sox fan, but I'm a HUUUUGE Padres fan." Obviously not.  He explained that he thought he would have a better chance of getting a autograph from a player if he wore the other jersey.  You'll have your day of judgment FBG, you sold out your team for a crappy signature from ManRam. Later Khalil hit a double that traveled towards us in foul territory I yelled mostly to him "NOBODY TOUCH IT!" I practically saved the game.

The day was extremely hot and the shade didn't hit us until the bottom of the ninth inning. Jon and I had to hit Jack in the Box for some real ice cream shakes after the game to cool off. Boston fans don't know how to dress for nice weather, we saw several who were wearing dark jeans and sweatshirts.  The Boston fans were loud, annoying and the smelled of body odor.  I'm not going to miss them.  Take the first flight home or go back to pretending you are a San Diegan.