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Open Thread, 6/24: San Diego vs Boston

This is what it call comes down to. This is the one to burn the barn down with. My prediction is pain. Hopefully more pain for Red Sox Fan than us. But seriously, Beckett vs Peavy and in a match that isn't the first inning of the All-Star Game? You can't get that every day.

In 8 at bats against Peavy, Mike Lowell has managed to touch him 4 times with a triple and 2 home runs. I know he's good and that you can't really judge much by 8 ABs, but at the same time... Wow. To counter that though, we have Branyan who, in 8 ABs, has touched Beckett 4 times with a double and 2 home runs.

In another interesting bit, Josh Beckett has had two ABs against Peavy and managed a hit and an RBI while Peavy, in one AB against Beckett, has managed a double.

This is like the unstoppable force vs the immovable object. This is like Kennedy vs Lincoln. This is like Tenacious D vs Flight of the Conchords. Who knows what will happen!?!