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Rubbermatches are the best... Doug Mirabelli is the opposite of Rubbermatches

I've decided that even though it irks me a little bit that people can be so hard on the offense (even though we play in the pitcher friendliest park in the league), that I would stop trying to argue that they're actually OK because it seems to me that having all us be doubting thomases apparently helps our guys. Khalil looks lost at the plate? Two home runs. Bard shouldn't be catching? Three RBI homer.

The only person it doesn't seem to work for is Geoff Blum, so I guess it doesn't matter either way if we hate on him.

Also, a little part of me feels bad for Doug Mirabelli. Karma can be a bitch. He talks smack about Padres Fan and how great Red Sox Fan is and this is how some of the best Red Sox fans feel about Mirabelli right now:

I haven't been able to sit through a Wakefield start for several years. Guy makes me too nervous. And the necessity of carrying a shitbag hitter like Mirabelli on the roster because of him is a HUGE negative.
Or how bout
Nobody would ever confuse Doug with a totally incompetent hitter, he's not nearly that good.
another one:
My fantasy is that when Schilling comes back Wakefield Timlin and Douguie annouce their retirements
And finally
I'm completely convinced that Dougie is missing two things:

1. A batting glove on his right hand

2. Ability
So if Red Sox Fan at Petco was anything like Red Sox Fan online, by that third or fourth AB, Doug Mirabelli had united the entire park in booing him (even with upwards of 40-50% of the park being fans of his team). Ouch.

Finally, there's no reason why instant replay shouldn't be implemented in some form in baseball. If we're worried about the fact that the home team controls the cameras, then stick another official in the media booth. How hard is that? Give him a little walkie talkie and have him broadcast down the correct call in two seconds.

Actually, now that I think about it, there's really good reason. Arguing is part of the fabric of baseball and indeed, America. It's why our country has turned out so many lawyers. We also love controversy. It's not like tennis has received a huge spike in viewers and they have all kinds of robots call their game. Let's keep it the way it is.

Open Thread a little later. So psyched for some rubbermatchin'!